to be respected at all times or your access to the mothership will be revoked 

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this is not a public space. simultaneously u also don't need to pay to enter or access anything I share here. u only need to have the right energy to get past me. LOL. bc everything that I offer here is free, YET SACRED. like the sun that I am. PRICELESS. like the sun that I am. with that being said, because so many want to COLONIZE AND CAPITALIZE AND SELL MY VIBE just like they do the earth and all her abundance, and put a price tag on my head, just like they do hers, the only way to get in this space is with my approval.. meaning this space is only available to exclusive individuals that I feel are worthy and honor all that I share as sacred and will use it appropriately and whom I approve based on whether or not I feel ur intent for wanting access to me is pure and you will use what I share not just for ur benefit but to create ripple effects of good for us all. if I feel that ur intent is to colonize or capitalize or pervert or invert or siphon my truth in any capacity, you will not be granted access. punto.

1.  ALL EVIL SPIRITS FROM THE SCUM OF THE EARTH DEMONIC HIERARCHY TO THE TOP OF THE DEMONIC HIERARCHY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THIS SACRED SPACE. NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR ALL ETERNITY. ESPECIALLY JEZEBEL OR LILITH OR SAMAEL OR THE DEVIL OR ANY OF THEIR ALTER EGO NAMES SUCH AS SET OR ISIS. OR ANYONE THAT PROTECTS THESE EVIL SPIRITS. OR ANYONE POSSESSED BY THESE SPIRITS OR ON THEIR SIDE IN ANY CAPACITY. Please know that YOU MAKE MY SKIN CRAWL AND DISGUST ME DEEPLY. This also includes ur cult minions/gargoyles/demons u use to do ur dirty work bc ur so fucking weak u can't ever talk ur dumb ass irrelevant truthless shit to my FACE and u run and hide like the stupid jezebel hyena w mange that u r after u provoke me so YOU AND ALL UR little ass kissing gargoyle CLIQUES GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW NONE OF U R WELCOME U FECES INFESTED SPIDER SPYING DEAD FISH SMELLING HOES. Also, if you and I are not on good terms then I do not want you here under any circumstances. 




2. If you do not want a lesson from Sekhmet, KEEP YOUR EVIL EYES OFF ME AND MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. PUNTO.

p.s. one thing I cannot stand more than anything is a dishonest lying gossiping hypocritical victim playing jezebel hoe. and I especially can't stand TWO FACED DOUBLE DEALING FRAUDS who try to get close to me while also being close with ANYONE THAT IS MY ENEMY ANYONE THAT GOSSIPS ABOUT ME OR HATES ME ON ANY LEVEL and then goes back and tells them MY BUSINESS OR MENTIONS MY NAME TO THESE COCKROACHES IN ANY CAPACITY.  you project your vile energy my way and then act innocent and play the victim when I throw it back in ur face for u to clean up, prepare for a fire you won't be able to contain



4. now, if u are a former hater and have self reflected and finally realized u were acting like a little cockroach jezebel deranged and unhinged hyena ur welcome to contact me at sekhmet@deathforlove.com and submit an apology and if i feel ur sincere and being REALER THAN REAL and have sufficient self awareness to ensure that the sins committed never happen again then i will automatically forgive u an all sins will be absolved n u will be allowed u to enter. goodday.


5. if I feel that ur pure and then later discover u were not pure bc u deceived me for ur personal gain, meaning u switched sides, I will make it a point to make an example out of u in my good ol fashioned Sekhmet style rodeo :) don't test me. bc you all know I can run circles around every last feces infested rotting flesh demon bag there is and not tire. you've been warned. If I get a bad feeling about ur presence in my space I reserve the right to block u no questions asked. just an instant block. if I don't approach u as to why you are welcome to contact me at sekhmet@deathforlove.com and if I feel ur energy is appropriate, I will divulge. one thing u must understand about me immediately is that I protect myself at all costs. if I get a bad feeling, even if I am projecting and not yet aware, I will listen to that feeling and push u away bc I'd rather be safe than sorry. therefore, I can be wrong, and if u feel I am and it really upsets u, please do not hesitate to reach out and I am very open to discussion to hear ur side and see through whatever was blocking me from seeing your intentions more clearly. I am very humble and always willing to admit if I am wrong about feelings I have towards u bc I am well aware that misunderstandings and miscommunication is very easy to happen. and while I am rarely wrong about my feelings towards others, it can and has happened. this is spiritual war, anyone taking this personally is absolutely a risk to my safety and my healing and I take this very seriously. I do not take it personally if someone feels uncertain about whether or not they can trust me. just as it is my number one priority to protect myself, it is your number one priority to protect yourself. if u don't trust me, trust that reason and stay away. word to the wise, I trust those that know how to earn my trust. that are willing to put in the time energy and effort to earn my trust. if u can't work for it, if you think you're entitled to my trust, you're not trustworthy. PUNTO.

6. I could 1 BILLION % care less what u think about me. now if I am doing something that is wrong or immoral or impure or unholy, then yes those judgmental thoughts matter and that's a whole other story. pls know that I am always paying close attention to the potential that I am so I can self correct. self accountability. bc I cannot stand to be out of alignment w what is pure holy and true. I can't stand immoral behavior so I do my best to be impeccable for the holy creator for myself and for all of the holy creator's creations. and always welcome holy criticism in this regard or ask the holy creator to please give me the necessary life experience to show me where I am wrong so I can get right. HOWEVER, if u have judgmental thoughts about me simply bc I am different. bc I live in the Mothership. bc I don't want to live think breathe feel or do anything like the colonizer ppl or mentalities do and be. bc I don't care to have a lot of money or bc I don't want to be false world famous. or bc I don't want to belong or be accepted by any Babylonian psychopath or space. or judge me for my spritual practice. or my visions. or my inner child. or my sense of humor. or my rage. or my mission to destroy evil and resurrect paradise. or bc I am Sekhmet. if u think I am not Sekhmet and delusional. if u think I am crazy. mentally ill. wrong for being myself, Sekhmet. a fake. or trying to deceive others for my personal gain in anyway. that I have an agenda other than the holy creator's holy destiny that I was asked to come here and help manifest. that I am irrelevant. if u can't even call me by my real name which is Sekhmet... if u are any or all of that, then why are you here? I only study the enemy to defeat them. why am I ur enemy? why is me, Sekhmet, ur enemy? this is a very serious question u need to ask urself. furthermore, the enemy studies me to steal my holy truth to try and deceive and destroy the masses leading them straight to the slaughter. which is why you have no business being in my space. and I genuinely on the deepest level could care less about u or ur impure unholy judgemental thoughts of me bc u don't know the difference between holy judgement and evil judgment. so pls know that ur simply irrelevant to me if this is the case. like every evil spirit there ever was. and ur free to hate me like every evil spirit does. I really don't care. I take it as a compliment that ur evil spirited ass hates me. BUT if u do think evil thoughts of me on any level, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE IMMEDIATELY. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO BRING UR IMPURE JUDGEMENTS INTO MY SPACE U PSYCHO DELUSIONAL FECES INFESTED PIG DEMON BITCH. And u bet ur bottom dollar I am studying every single last feces infested rotten ass demon pig cockroach hyena w mange that has ever stepped in my lane and tried to stop me so I can have a better understanding of how these sick deranged and unhinged psychopaths think since I do not think like them on any level and to defeat them I need to get close to them to see how they operate. but since I pose no threat to anyone other than evil, the only psychos studying me are the enemy. u see how that works? right so this is why ur not welcome in here. ACCESS DENIED COCKROACH. I'm done playing games w any and everyone. and I am gatekeeping my sacred truth and my sacred self and space on the deepest level from here on out. 

7. If anyone tries to enter and share what I share here anywhere outside of this space or to anyone who is not allowed access or been approved to have access ESPECIALLY to those I HATE AND WHO ARE MY ENEMY AND BLOCKED FROM HAVING ACCESS TO ME OR MY TRUTH, please be aware that if u have a soul at all, you are cursing it even deeper into hell and  jeopardizing ur ability to enter paradise. this means ur binding urself to the  hell ur already in and deeper within. if ur not in paradise, ur necessarily in hell. it is that simple. if u think that stealing from me on any level multidimensionally (whether it is my energy or my creative visions, or my words, or my vibes, or my style, or my breath or my truth or my wisdom or anything about me from the top to the bottom in the physical dimension and beyond) so that u can gain popularity or false world riches, or gain support from someone who is my enemy or to try to sever a connection I have with someone or to try and trick ppl into thinking ur pure and holy and speak the holy word from the holy creator or to try to get ppl to think ur like me when ur NOTHING like me.. if u think all that is worth remaining in hell for, then so be it. there really is not a finger I need to lift bc u curse urself deeper in hell by ur own actions. so good luck w that. And I am not staying in hell. I came here to do all I can to help u all escape hell so we all can return to paradise. and I can only help those who actually want help. I will be returning to paradise one way or the other. with or without u. the truth and wisdom and visions and music and my story and all that I am and all that I share in this space is to help activate u with the necessary remembrance of the frequency of paradise so u can return to paradise w me. without that frequency, ur not getting in (btw all children are pure and innocent and will absolutely be getting in and also anyone who is a victim and poses a threat to no one will be recognized and will be getting in). whether or not u choose to take this as seriously as I do and enter the gates with me by doing the work is all on u baby.

8. this space is sacred, holy, consecrated grounds. take ur shoes off before entering. just like paradise, u don't need to be perfect to enter, u don't need to be perfectly healed. u just cannot bring any disrespect or any harm to anyone else (self defense does not count as harm). if u have venom inside u from a wound it's ok baby, I still have venom inside me too. that is not our fault. trauma is never our fault. let's help each other heal together. this is a safe and private space for u to be reminded how to heal urself at ur pace. where no demons are allowed and no buzzing ass flies will try to get into ur wound. u only need to come w respect and the willingness to respect the truth n honor that which inspires u, that which is given to u w no expectations of anything in return. all I want is for u to feel like urself again. to smile again for real. to feel so deeply again. to laugh hysterically again. to feel and hear and see the holy creator with u always and fall so deeply in love with all that has been gifted to u and all the life that is around u so u can see clearly what you are and what you are not. so u can kill the disease and the death and become pure life again. and this is my gift to you. do not desecrate this gift which is holy pure sacred, or u will desecrate n destroy urself n further block urself from love n ur own gifts. if u feel that u cannot control the eyes n feelings u enter this space w, do not enter until u r disciplined n humble enuf for the truth.