Once you submit your payment, please send me an email to let me know if there is anything you would like me to focus on specifically (if it is ethical and in my specialty) Otherwise I’ll let myself be intuitively guided if you do not have a specific focus. Also, if we have never interacted in depth before, and you feel comfortable, please send me some type of identifier, preferably a picture of yourself (if you feel comfortable), that would be the most helpful for me to connect with you.


You do not need to get into mediation with me when I perform this. But you can if you are able and feel called. However, I will be performing this once I am guided to and in Divine timing. I will send you a text 15 minutes before I begin and once I am complete. Please make sure to provide your phone number at checkout.


Once the session is complete, I will provide detailed follow up via text recording (preferrably through WhatsApp) of exactly what I saw and felt and the messages that came through for you to focus on.

Distance Light Healing