asi ka te na fu ma shaei na taruei na fe ari anasu ma sha ana ka tuana mati ahanafa

((( IKAIE ANA A SA )))

I created Death for Love because I needed a sacred space where I could unleash my true self, with no reservations, no compromises, and complete freedom. When this journey began, I really didn't have a clear understanding as to why I was feeling called to share my voice. I just knew I needed to say something. And the more I kept speaking my truth, the more truth I kept remembering. And then one day, I remembered the most important truth. Who I AM. AND WHY I AM HERE. By sharing with you my insights, experiences, and heart and soul, I found my way back home. To fully embrace myself as my TRUE SELF. And so, this is my gift —— this love, and remembrance, and truth. This is what I am here to give to you all.


And although this path is challenging, what is yours to reclaim is worth every second. So, when it gets tough. Because it will. Remember this. 


Because now is the time for us to remember how to support one another in this remembrance, by us individually reclaiming the authentic versions of ourselves and allowing our real voices, straight from the heart, to echo around the world and throughout the Cosmos...


...and then let the rest flow perfectly into place.