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(r e v i e w s )

Sarah is such a beautiful embodiment of The Goddess. She takes her mission here very seriously which is why I have so much love and respect for her. I’ve no doubt it was no coincidence the way I magically came across her. I feel that she is a divine code I was fated to come across. Just her sharing her deepest and rawest truths has helped me in so many ways.. mostly because the revelations I needed were deep and I needed them un-sugarcoated, & Sarah is just that. She is someone that embodies her truth so deeply and strongly that she is an activation for others to remember, and do the same. Her heart is as pure & deep as the ocean and that gives you all the proof you need to trust her and her Divine work. I ordered the spray and it smells beautiful and is complimented with a powerful prayer on the bottle that I say everyday! I spray it when I feel I need protection or upliftment, For me it’s a reminder every time I spray it that I am protected and to be fearless in my truth. I also spray it on everything as a way to bless it with divine intention.

Megan, Michigan



I have been a part of Hearts on Fire since the first episode. I found you very shortly before you started the show through YouTube. Your video “FOR THE PURE OF HEART” was recommended to me and I immediately felt you and everything you were saying. It couldn’t of been more perfect timing. 


I had just went through a deep awakening a couple weeks beforehand. In that awakening I was shown the truth about an evil cult leader who had me under his control. I believed he was divine and my “spiritual mentor”...ohhhh I was so wrong. So literally right after all of this happened I found you and you were the FIRST and ONLY “spiritual” person on social media that I have ever encountered actually speaking about Evil and calling it by name. No one else was. Literally no one. 


I followed you on Twitter and Instagram and watched your live videos and my life started to change drastically. I started to remember SO. MUCH. 


Your life force is STRONG. I feel you so deeply even through a screen. You simply being yourself forces me to be my true authentic self. You holding yourself accountable automatically makes me hold myself accountable. Which is AMAZING. And SO NEEDED. I respect you and your work so much. It takes an immense amount of strength and discipline to be who you truly are while also being online publicly. Which gives me the strength and courage to be who I truly am no matter what. Your videos are completely clear and precise which I appreciate the most. Your messages are always on time. It’s becoming more and more clear to me how literally ALL of Divinity is going through this together even though we are physically separated. You bring me to tears very frequently. In the best possible way. 


Please never ever ever stop being who you are. We all need you. Clearly. You’re an amazing leader and you are absolutely paving way for many of us. To hold ourselves and everyone else accountable, to take responsibility and action, to focus and discipline, to be who we TRULY are and to remember the DIVINE truth. I love you so much. THANK YOU. 💋


So much fucking love 


From Jordan 🦋

I need to show some love and gratitude to Sarah for creating this anointing oil. Not only has it helped me get back into my spiritual practice  on a deeper level, but it's helping me find and set my intention. Much love. 

Dena, Florida

I have been following Sarah/Sekhmet on social media since the start of the year and we have had a few interactions with each other since then. Many of her messages have resonated with me and so when I saw distance light healing sessions being offered by the Goddess herself, curiosity led me to book one. 


I didn't know what to expect or how exactly it would work but Sarah was really helpful and guided me through it. I offered a few words to explain where I felt I was at and what I thought I needed help with. She explained that she would only conduct the meditation when she felt the call to, but would give me a fifteen minute heads up before she was due to begin. 


On receiving this heads up message I proceeded to light some incense and got myself into a light state of meditation. During this I had sensations throughout my body that felt as if I was being bathed with subtle waves of energy. After around 10 minutes I received a text message from Sarah/Sekhmet saying that she was finished and that she had lots to tell me, followed by a series of voice messages. 


I must admit that, at first, I was hesitant to listen; and so I made myself some coffee and found somewhere comfortable to sit in the garden. What I eventually listened to was quite extraordinary. It was a tale of my emancipation from a legion of demons, with Sekhmet helping to free me. Along with this was a very direct message for me from the deities. Sarah provided some interpretations of what she had experienced, relating it to what I had provided before the session. She then gave me the opportunity to reflect on what was relayed to me and to come back with any questions I had. 


I went about the rest of my day, processing the experience and listening back to the voice messages. Piece by piece I dissected it and some very profound links revealed themselves, along with some questions. I got back to Sarah/Sekhmet with some voice notes of my own. She answered all of my questions (including ones that I didn't know I had!) and provided some more interpretation based on the links I had fed back. Importantly she gave me some advice to enable me to build a framework for further healing and alignment based on what we had experienced that day. 


I can vouch for Sarah/Sekhmet. She is a true warrior and healer that you can trust. Regardless of whether you have a profound experience or not in your light healing session, I can assure you that Sarah is so emotionally intelligent and pure of intent that I am certain she will be able to help you immensely on your own healing journey. Trust the Goddess! 

I recommend going to @morteperamore for energy healing. Her follow up was so in depth, personal, touching and brought me to tears in a McDonald's parking lot twice as I was listening to it LOL She explained everything thoroughly and I could hear the emotion and sincerity in her voice. She was on point and helped em a lot with what I needed. I do reiki on others and myself, and I think I've neglected my own journey of healing for a while. I really needed healing and divine white light and she was the perfect channel for what I needed. Her price was just right as well. I was busy at work when she did the healing session, but I felt an immediate change in my mood and feelings. I feel like I'm myself again, and I feel very confident in healing myself moving forward and reaching out to other healers when I need a little extra support in the future. @morteperamore, thank you again so much!! 💞💞💞

Everything Sarah does you can feel the absolute truth and love that goes into it! From her visual art, patreon videos, twitter and instagram posts, to her spiritual practice offerings! I received my anointing oil and was instantly blown away with how amazingly thought out and put together it was! Every detail was so precious, from the environmentally sustainable packaging (everything was zero waste and re-usable), to the delicately placed labelling, hand written letter and beautiful velvety red pouch with crystals that I could feel were cleared and blessed with the purest intent! Not only that, but the oil literally smells soo divine!! And combined with the prayer. SO POWERFUL! I use this anointing oil on it’s own and combined with my body butter daily! I also say the prayer throughout the day and instantly feel clearer! It has truly transformed my spiritual practice for the better! True alchemy! Thank you so much Sarah for everything that you are and for sharing yourself and your work so masterfully! I truly feel blessed to have received this oil and you as a reminder of my own divinity and the truth of who I am! So much love honestly!! Thank you once again!


Ninneru, Canada

Sekhmet and I have done a few meditations together focusing on specific tasks. what they consist of is communing in the astrals with ones most natural divine selves, seeing areas in which they need healing or just anything that comes up. We have had many profound experiences where we have gone in to focus on the same thing and experienced pretty much the same thing in the astrals fit to our unique perceptions of the situation. The offering of this service is a special gift, one of which will allow Sekhmet to send healing to you astrally and she has helped me so much personally by performing this healing on me as well, helping me to better understand myself and the areas that needed healing that I was blocked from seeing.


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