PART I // s i m p l i c i ty


This aspect brings us back to the thought process we entered the world with - the space to remember the simplistic nature of our minds, the most organic and animalistic way of viewing the world before conditioning via punishment, emotional neglect, & trauma came along to pass on to us fears, insecurities, and discernments between right and wrong. This theory brings us back to ourselves so that we learn to think for ourselves, slowly melting away the conditionings that we have collected over time. These conditionings are often the source of our suffering. However, underneath the conditionings, there is a part of us that remains constant throughout eternity – it is this part of ourselves which we must reconnect with as it holds the only medicine we will ever need. 


On this earth, there are universal laws which we see inherent in nature every day. By observing these aspects of our environment, we may recall the way in which nature stays in balance, which is of course the way in which we stay in balance because we are nature. Through this observation, we see that nature is actually quite simple. It is this way of thinking that removes the layers we have acquired during our childhood, adolescent, and adult years and into the state of simplicity - the state of observation. It is important to remember that behaviors similar to another (i.e. diagnoses) are likely a result of conditioning. While behavior that is genuinely unique (i.e. personality) is a result of the who that you are. Embracing the who that you always are, and allowing that expression to become stronger will dissolve the majority of your suffering thus resulting in overall better health.


PART II // i n t u i t i o n & spontaneity


Emotions are spontaneous and ever changing, requiring a spontaneous and ever changing approach. Feeling our emotions can be challenging. Due to this challenge, we can hardly plan to work through emotions on any one given day. It typically happens that a conflict arises in our life, sometimes with others, sometimes with ourselves. In the world that we live in, most of us would love it if we could plan when our emotions decide to peek. Since we cannot do this, we have adapted, however, to suppress, repress, and oppress ourselves. Many think that expressing certain emotions will mean that they are weak. This is understandable since thriving in the world nowadays entails maximum productivitiy and, let's face it, emotions and giving ourselves space to express what we are feeling does not exacty maximize productivity - at least for that moment. In the long term, however, learning this skill will not only keep you healthier, stronger, more confident in your stability, younger in heart, body, and mind, but it will organically unleash your most productive, creative, and ingenius self. In fact, learning to express the full range of our emotions not only takes immense courage & strength in the current state we are all living in, but is necessary for growth. Pretending that they are not part of our lives, only makes them manifest in other much more uncomfortable ways, i.e. neglected emotions are the reason we have other health problems and/or addictions. 


Most of us are not given the space to express every aspect of our emotional selves during our childhood. That is because there is always at least one emotion that is met with shame. Also, many children are in survival mode and instinctively do not express themselves in order to survive. This is not anyone's fault; let's not blame our parents or caregivers, or the adults in our lives. This will get you nowhere. Try to think of this as simply part of the experience and somehow a gift that will reinforce you to your highest good. However, if you want to work through this to acheive your highest good, you will have to learn to express it at some point. Forget about being told what is or is not appropriate now that you are an adult. If you have not gone through the process of screaming when you don't get your way, crying when you are scared, rebeling against authority, learning to navigate your independence, your interdependence, your personality, being praised for your accomplishments, feeling like somone is there rooting in your corner, you will have to find the way to complete this process so that you can stand strong and confident in every part of your emotional being. It is important to remember that you will feel complete not when you get the perfect any one thing or person, but when you cease to continue seeking to fill an endless empty well. So, how? 


Your intuition is constantly guiding you towards finding ways to complete each emotional process. To our conscious selves, they feel completely spontaneous, unwelcome, and always at the wrong time. Unconsciously, however, they are showing up with impeccably precise timing. Thus, when you suddenly feel struck with anger, sadness, guilt, or any one emotion that feels uncomfortable and seeks support - this is the time to seek the energetic reciprocal of a mother/father figure that will give to you that which you have always deserved. But keep in mind - if you have to force it, if it does not feel spontaneous or intuitive, it is not the reciprocal and it will not actually help you in the way you need for that particular moment.So how do you know what that reciprocal person/place/thing is? They/It will show up, with ease, pleasure, and no expectations that you owe them anything in return. Most often that reciprocal is YOU. 



PART III // T R U T H & contradiction


Truth. Truth is discovered when we are willing to contradict ourselves - when we are willing to admit that truth varies according to the dimension in which we are living & we acknowledge that truth is like water - flowing effortlessly with life. As a result, truth is in many ways not something we can ever quite grasp or know. How can we ever know what truth is when it changes before we ever have a chance to catch up with it. Thus, the only way to know truth is to dance side by side with it, flowing effortlessly, and respecting that it is not something that we can define - much like ourselves. Truth goes left, then right, then up, and down, and reverses to catapult forward. This is why allowing ourselves to be contradictory - to change our minds, ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings as much as necessary to fit the moment is a fundamental aspect of our growth. Nothing is constant, nothing always stays the same forever. Everything is changing all the time, even when we aren't trying to change them - even ourselves. Everyday we wake up, go about our daily routines, living our lives and experiencing the irritations and joys. When we go to bed at night, we close our eyes and in the moments of our sleep, we experience our daily death - the death that brings us closer to unconditional love. The parts of ourselves that we no longer need tomorrow will vanish in our sleep. We may think of sleep as a passive and non productive activity, when in fact it is just the opposite. When we awake tomorrow, we are a brand new person. Everyone will have to get to know us all over again - because we have changed.


And this is truth and this is not truth. Truth is a very personal, relative subject, yet each of our personal truths are connected to the greater whole. The key here is learning how to be fluid enough to experience truth and its constant movement forward. Before we can experience the larger connectedness of truth, however, we must first discover what is our individual truth. Once this has been emancipated, you will better understand how it fits perfectly into the larger scale truth. The contradictions are necessary to uncover our individual reality. These contradictions are representative of the inner battles that we encounter - we all have an internal war. Unfortunately, many of us see that war as something that someone or something else did to establish our inner conflict, rather than seeing that the outside experience which has caused our disturbance is a simple reflection, a tool for signaling what aspect of ourselves is calling for an awakening. The contradictions are also representative of the different dimensions that we live in and how we waver back and forth at times while we learn to balance ourselves . This is why it is important to be patient while learning balance. 


At the end of the day, the truth is love. So learn to be contradictory and love yourself no matter what dimension you are in, no matter what truth you are in. Even this theory will, in time, change, as I change, and learn from new experiences. I will come back here and alter these words. We are not stagnant beings and neither is our wisdom or insight. 



PART IV//F R E E D O M of choice 


Every living being on this earth came here with a purpose. However, very often in the world we live in, our freedom to choose for our lives is taken away from us - which may take us further away from our purpose, which is to take us away from ourselves. We are told when and where to be, how to dress, how to speak, how to think, and how to feel. We are given so many expectations, rules, and demands in our life that often times when it comes time to take a decision for ourselves, we struggle with that choice. As a result, we naturally begin second guessing our intuition and what we feel is right for ourselves and what will ultimately enhance our experiences in this lifetime. When we second guess our intuition so much, we end up tuning it out, which inevitably results in the inability to trust ourselves. 


We all pass along expectations, social graces, fears, doubts, and disbeliefs to those we know and love. We often adhere to things we don't really believe in at the core of our souls. However, in order to awaken our essence and to rebuild trust in ourselves, we must learn how to question every belief that we have,  and to figure out if what we are choosing for our lives is really what we want or what we think we should want, or if someone with great influence made us think that was what we wanted for our life. Importantly, we must also learn how to allow others to choose for themselves as well. 


This is not an easy process. Learning how to trust ourselves to make choices in line with who we are at the core of our soul can be terrifying when you have spent the majority of your life just doing what you were told, and essentially abandoning yourself. In addition, learning how to have faith and to give space to those around us to choose for themselves how they want to live their life can also be terrifying - especially when we perceive that someone's decision is going to cause us suffering. As a result of your emancipation of yourself, you will experience people trying to fill you with their own doubt. This will hurt. It will make you feel like giving up. This process teaches you how not to give up becuse your freedom is essential to your well-being. When you are in tune with your intuition, you will know exactly what to do for every moment of your life. You will know why the pain is there and you will make meaning of it and as a result it will stop hurting. You will know how to act accordingly. It will not be a struggle. The hardest part is learning to to trust yourself after years of being taught that you are not trustworthy. 


PART V//F R E E D O M of expression


Similar to Part IV, freedom of expression is the understanding that we are who we are. We came here with a purpose, an energy - our essence. Our emotional selves help this to unfold. Don't think I am not aware of the struggle to make this come alive. However, we must feel to heal. Therefore, we must express ourselves exactly how we feel at every given moment. When we suppress any aspect of ourselves, we are inherently sending a message to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self that there is something wrong with that expression. As a result of that suppression, dis - ease results. Therefore, the freedom to express ourselves as we need in order to advance not only our emotional self but also to evolve our essence is the only way to tap into the medicine within ourselves. There is nothing wrong with any feeling. The concept of wrong is the formed value of society, again being the result of conditioning. What is wrong or right, good or bad, only serve to suppress or express. Things we feel are good, we express, things we are told are wrong, we suppress. And these concepts change according to how we evolve our thoughts and ideas of good and bad over time. Therefore, both the concept of good and bad do not necessarily serve our emotional selves in totality. What we are, simply is. Every thing about our authentic selves serves a purpose for the greater good of all. Having faith that each of us individually should be allowed to work through those thoughts and feelings to get to that authentic version of self at our own pace is fundamental to both our well-being and the well-being of others. In order to unify ourselves, we must learn to express every aspect, since every aspect is beneficial for the whole being. Most importantly, one of the main reasons we feel emptiness inside of ourselves, is due to the suppression of parts of ourselves. 


Just like anything we learn to do in life - walk, talk, eat, read, write we must learn to advance over time. Same goes with this freedom of expression. It is necessary to practice how to express ourselves. If we do not evolve this capability within ourselves, we will repeatedly cause conflict within ourselves and others in our lives. It is natural, given the world we live in, to blame others for our discomfort. However, the only reason we feel discomfort with someone else's expression is because of our own discomfort inside of ourselves. In order to get to this level of expression, however, we may need to feel the consequences of repeatedly blaming others for our bad feelings. The more developed stage of expression, however, is to recognize that every time an uncomfortable feeling develops, that is the cue to take solitude, to work through that feeling, rather than to give someone else responsibility for our emotions. And hopefully, in time, we evolve to become just as grateful to those who stir us up as we are to those who make us feel calm in their presence. 


The reason this aspect is so fundamental is because no matter how much we try or want to, we cannot change anyone else. We all, at some point, make an attempt to alter someone else's behavior. We do this because sometimes another person's behavior can cause us so much discomfort that we do not trust ourselves to be alone with that sensation and to work through it. However, attempting to change someone else's behavior to prevent ourselves from feeling discomfort not only oppresses the other, but also drastically hinders our own growth. Therefore, learning to accept ourselves exactly as we are is fundamental for being able to accept others for exactly as they are as well. 


PART VI//dismantling I D E N T I T Y


How you choose to perceive your identity will determine the way in which you experience it; either valuably or perpetuating a cycle of momentary pleasure and then suffering. This theory teaches us that identity is simply an experience in this lifetime, designed for helping us to understand love, life and relations with others in a way that is uniquely served. 


Our attachment to our identity is what creates feelings of superiority and inferiority. Either you will align with the negative attributes and see yourself as inferior or you will align with the positive attributes and see yourself as superior. Most of us engage in both. As a result of this attachment, however, violence towards ourselves and others is born.


However, the body you are currently residing in is impermanent. What makes your body move and experience life is infinite. Only the experience of the body will remain with you. The impermanence is, therefore, constantly changing and will not be with you forever. The infinite is also constantly changing but at the same time never loses the core of its familiarity. This core aspect can never disappear and will be with you for forever. What is the core aspect? It is a feeling. In fact, what makes you more of you really has more to do with the way you feel to others rather than the way you look.  


It is important to remember that each identity comes with a different set of struggles and experiences. Therefore, when you attach yourself to the identity, you take on those struggles as if that is who you are. On the flip, in those challenges are buried wisdom, and both individual and universal truths. If you are reading this now, chances are it is now time to dismantle and choose the flip rather than the former. Once we start considering identity as an experience rather than an attachment of something we must defend, that means that both the good and bad stereotypes associated with each will cease to have value. There is infinite peace in this perspective. 


Inevitably, identity creates separation amongst us and devalues our unique perspective. It puts us in categories and labels us rather than supporting our unique and necessary differences. It creates unnecessary traumas and is one of the roots of violence towards anyone who may be perceived of as different. It is also a significant root of violence against ourselves, which supports us in seeing ourselves as objects.


I urge you to think about the potential that this perspective has on the way in which we view others, and most importantly the way in which we view ourselves. In seeing life from this perspective, not only do we eliminate limitations, but inevitably we will truly value the importance of differences within one another. 


In hindsight, your essence is the only thing which is y o u. I assure you that the essence is where all the possibilities lie. This is what I will speak to, since this is who you are. Your identity is and will always be, however, simply your experience.




Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. 


One of the best things we can do for ourselves, is to accept our life - in totality - every good, bad, challenging, loving, fulfilling experience. My favorite poet states, "You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens". In this opening, we become more and more aware of what the concept of unconditional love really means. And when we are coming from this space, not only do we alchemize ourselves, our reality, and the way in which we relate to our environment, but we also alchemize so many things we come into contact with. The energy of unconditional love is the most powerful force that exists. It is the alchemists most fundamental ingredient. 

Every morning that you wake up and every night that you go to sleep, remind yourself that you are the master of your environment, of your experiences, and of the way you perceive everything. Even when you experience something horrible, try to remember this; it is so easy to forget, it is so easy to give your power away, especially in these moments. This is understandable. During tragedy, you may choose to see yourself as a victim. This is also understandable, and sometimes necessary. However, remaining in this space past its due date will do nothing for helping you move forward, it does nothing for transforming the negative energy that was accumulated during that moment. However, when you are ready, you will then be able to alchemize it and unify it within yourself. This makes you the strongest change agent possible. 


The process of alchemy begins with acceptance - of fear, darkness, and negativity. In order to reach this state, the alchemist heads straight for the darkness. That's because this is where the wisdom and magic is cultivated. The light happens in combination with this darkness. This is not an instance of the light overpowering the darkness. Light does not overpower anything. Light illuminates the beauty that lives in the darkness. It stands side by side. They become ONE. If it overpowered, you would see nothing, the light would be meaningless. The more resistance we have for this experience, the longer we will have to continue to feel the energy of duality. The sooner we work towards accepting what this darkness has to offer, the sooner we welcome the light to reveal it in all its glory. 

This is not for the faint of heart. This is the warrior in me speaking. I have head straight for the fire and burned to the ground thousands of times. But I have risen every time. Once you have reached this state, you will inevitably feel the confidence to approach any situation with grace and determination. You will know that no matter what is happening in your life, you will be able to transform it for the greater good in yourself and all.