visions of my journey

my story

a w a k e n i n g —

remembering who i am

( re surrection )


they will know it's over before i even arrive. 

they will hear my name...

 and they will know.

the c a v e

II )

To the darkest parts of ourselves, to the spaces forgotten. Traveling within to bring to life the truth of divine paradise.


To see only darkness. It is hard to find the way. What is real or what is not anymore.

Destroy the illusions.

Remove the veils.

Refine the vision to focus only on what is real, pure love. 


S u r r e n d e r to the eternal journey of the divine self. To discover t r u t h buried deep within the darkness.

Discovered through the light.

unearth(l)ing v i s i o n s

I )

To unearth visions, unearthly visions. Awakening of divine consciousness into the multidimensionality of existence.

Every single aspect that has ever existed: past, present, future to be realized as ONE consciousness.

All aspects embraced as they are revealed.


Within this whole self, we find the truth of who we are.

A truth that never ends. To be i m m o r t a l.


Awakening ( l i f e ) is a journey.